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Essential Fatty Acids, Minerals & Vitamins and Their Importance in the Management of ADHD

A5 booklet containing reports and case histories.

This collection of documents and case histories on the role of EFAs, Minerals and Vitamins in the management of ADHD/Hyperactivity, has been put together not as an exhaustive, definitive account of the syndrome, but as a guide principally for parents of hyperactive children who seek a clearer understanding of the condition.

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The Proof of the Pudding

The Proof of the PuddingTo mark the 30th anniversary of its foundation the HACSG published a collection of letters and comments from the parents of ADHD/Hyperactive children who have seen their troubled and troublesome children transformed by following the dietary programme recommended by the HACSG

Proof of the Pudding contains case histories and reports from parents and professionals who have seen the benefits of a change of diet for an ADHD / hyperactive child.

Positive dietary changes could be considered ‘anecdotal’. However, thousands of parents over the last 35 years have witnessed first-hand that food intolerance, additive reactions and good nutrition really do have an impact.

“I just wanted to let you know, some years ago now you helped me with my son who is salicylate sensitive. He has just been offered a place at Cambridge University and it’s all thanks to you! Without your help schooling would have been a complete disaster and I dread to think what would have become of him. You saved our lives and out sanity and have given him such a tremendous future – THANK YOU.”

“We have been following your dietary advice for our son since November 2001. The diet has been a great success in alleviating our son’s behaviour problem. We are so pleased with your support we would like to become members of the group. I am willing to provide a local ear for new people thinking of trying the diet if you feel this would be of benefit to anyone.”

If you are unsure if a change of diet is worth considering why not read “Proof of the Pudding”?

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ADHD: The Dietary/Nutritional Approach

ADHD: The Dietary/Nutritional Approach  A summary of research by Irene Colquhoun & Sally Bunday, co-founders of the HACSG.

For the Student or Professional who needs to know more about the the dietary/nutritional approach this Summary is essential reading.

It lays out clearly the research upon which the Hyperactive Children`s Support Group`s authority is based, along with the sources of that research.

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ADHD/Hyperactive Chldren - A Guide for Parents

Hyperactivity - A Guide for Parents

The eminent American doctor, Ben Feingold laid the foundations with his now well-recognized diet , and subsequent discoveries have been built upon this. Space in the book has been devoted to coping with the day-to-day dietary needs of the Hyperactive child; foods and drinks to be avoided; Colourings, Flavourings and Preservatives to guard against.  A section on food-additives includes the much publicised "E" Numbers and details of some of the naturally-occurring chemicals like salicylates are also discussed.

The Feingold Food Programme itself is included along with a selection of suggestions for meals; another useful section deals with some of the food-allergies which may contribute to a child's behaviour.

The Guide is intended to be just that!  No blanket remedy is possible as no two children may react in the same way to the presence of a "substance" in their diet. Experience by many parents has shown that "trial-and-error" can play a big part in things.

But one thing is certain. The whole family can benefit from the improvements suggested in this book and there are unlikely to be any harmful long-term side-effects!

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Schools Information Pack

HACSG Schools Information PackThe HACSG has produced an information pack for teachers, parents and students concerning hyperactivity in the classroom. It offers insights into ADHD and practical tips on how teachers can help. Also included is an 'Additives to avoid' list.

The Schools Information Pack includes and A4 Booklet, Leaflets, articles and bookmarks.

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